Scott Dickinson and Company Limited works...

  • ...with public bodies,businesses and non-profit organisations and communities...
  • ...to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing...
  • ...to realise the potential of people, places, asset and services.


We bring a wealth of experience and understanding...

  • ...of leadership and governance...
  • ...of public, private and community organisations, seeking to design, deliver and improve social, economic and cultural services and facilities.
  • ...to improve the wellbeing of people, places and organisations.


Advice and support

Research and analysis

Policy, programs and project development

Appraisal, evaluation and performance management


Interim management

Journalism and editorial

Partnership Network

We work with a network of partners in order to meet client's needs.

The network contains research institutes with international reach; survey firms with UK-wide social and market research capability; specialist arts organisations; events and facilitation companies; and like-minded research and evaluation specialists.

Clients and Assignments

Prior to establishing the company, Scott worked with a number of different organisations on a range of topics for clients in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.